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Our partners

Rise Well is a wellbeing and happiness consultancy with the sole purpose of transforming business cultures to create healthy and happy employees.

We believe your people and their behaviour is your business strategy. If you look after your employees as much as you do your customers then business performance will flourish, you will attract the best talent, you will engage your existing employees and you will retain the best people.

Whether employee wellbeing is a new or more established focus in your business, Rise Well can add value by designing or optimising strategic wellbeing roadmaps to ensure you achieve your key business objectives.

Our vision is for employees all over the world to leave work at the end of the day feeling more well, fulfilled, energised and happy because of their workplace.

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Our partnership programme provides an excellent opportunity for advisers and practitioners in the European leveraged finance market to connect and engage with our members. Get in touch for information on partnering with us.