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ELFA Insights Series

The ELFA Insights Series is designed to provide a platform for investor members of ELFA to express their views about issues relating to disclosure, transparency, and market practices. The initiative reflects ELFA's remit to facilitate engagement by its members to the broader market and the general public.

"EBITDAC" is an Inappropriate Metric for Calculations of Covenant Capacity under Leveraged Finance Agreements (Vol 5)

ELFA’s ESG Investor Survey Results and ESG Disclosure Roundtable (Vol. 4) 

The Rise of ESG Investing and Its Implications for Leveraged Finance Markets (Vol. 3)

A Study on the Use of Password-Protected Websites (Vol. 2) 

ELFA Calls for Greater Accessibility, Consistency and Content in Reporting by Borrowers (Vol. 1)

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