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Creating a more resilient European leveraged finance market.

Governance and Industry Best Practice

ELFA develops industry guidelines and standards in order to promote transparency and establish industry best practices within the European leveraged finance market 

Investor Voice

ELFA provides a forum for investors to express their views with a single voice and see that these are reflected in initiatives that emerge from ELFA 

Market Engagement

ELFA provides a platform for investors to engage with other market participants, including regulators, the press, lawyers, issuers, and underwriters  

Reputation Management

ELFA is a professional trade association formed to publicly represent the interests of the European leveraged finance buy-side to press, policy-makers, industry and the general public 

Relationship and Consensus Building

ELFA intermediates between investment firms and sell-side professionals to collaborate on pertinent issues affecting the proper functioning of the European leveraged finance market 

Knowledge Building

ELFA acts as a thought leader, delivering training and seminars to member firms together with representatives from the industry, in-house teach-ins, newsletters, topical reports and legal resources 

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