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News Article

News Article

ELFA joins the new Insight Investment and Oxford University Prize for Greening Finance as a Nominating Partner

We are delighted to join the new Insight Investment and Oxford University Prize for Greening Finance as a nominating partner. Accelerating green innovation in the global financial system is a key part of climate change action and achieving the SDGs.

The University of Oxford has established a prestigious new annual prize in green finance. Up to £50,000 will be awarded annually, with the option of a research residency at Oxford for the winners. A permanent endowment has been established to support the prize in perpetuity through a generous donation from Insight Investment.

The Greening Finance Prize has two categories open to individuals and not-for-profit research teams. The first category is a research prize for outstanding research that helps society better understand how environmental change influences finance and investment, and how economic and financial systems can contribute to achieving global environmental sustainability. The second is a service prize seeking to recognise individuals or not-for-profit organisations who have provided outstanding support for the furtherance of green finance.

To apply, please complete the nomination form at the bottom of this webpage which also includes the terms and conditions of entry:

The nominations deadline for the 2023/24 Prize is Sunday 21st May 2023.

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17 April 2024
ELFA appoints Elena Rinaldi as Co-Chair of the CLO Investor Committee

ELFA appoints a New Co-Chair for the CLO Investor Committee

14 March 2024
Press Release
ELFA Private Debt Investor Committee workshop highlights the necessity for LPs and GPs to establish clear ESG frameworks at the firm and product levels to comply with new regulations, like the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR)

The workshop, hosted by ELFA, focused on the evolving landscape of ESG reporting and engagement within private debt funds. It was attended by members of the ELFA Private Debt Investor Committee along with investment consultants from Hymans Robertson and Cambridge Associates.

15 February 2024
News Article
ELFA supports the University of Oxford Prize for Greening Finance 2024 as a Nominating Partner

ELFA is delighted to be a Nominating Partner for the University of Oxford Prize for Greening Finance 2024. We invite our members to submit their nominations.